North Stradbroke Island

We wish to acknowledge the images from “Humpback Whale Spirit” an original painting by Brendon Coghill which have been used as the background of this website, and photography by Samarah Wood.

Photo Gallery

  • Sunset from Point Lookout
  • Humpback by Max Hill
  • Bathing or South Gorge, Point Lookout
  • Humpback Whale Spirit, an original painting by Brendon Coghill
  • Home Beach, Point Lookout
  • Paddle Boarding, Cylinder Beach, Pt Lookout
  • Deadmans Beach, Point Lookout
  • Tawny Frogmouth babies, North Stradbroke Island
  •  Tern at Sunset, Deadmans Beach, Pt Lookout
  • Manta Rays
  • Main Beach Pt Lookout from Gorge Walk

Videos from Youtube